Bellringers who fought in World War I

From the Kettering Branch (formally the Kettering District of the Central Northamptonshire Association) twenty nine bellringers fought in World War I.  Of these twelve lost their lives fighting for their country.

Much research has already been done by Alan Regin on behalf of the Central Council of Church Bellringers regarding the ringers that were killed in action during the Great War for full details of his project follow this link or click on the individuals highlighted below to go to their specific listings.  The others have been a bit harder to find but by searching through back copies of "The Ringing World" I have managed to trace some of the ringers who fought but luckily returned.  There may be more as unless they were members of the Association they would unlikely have been reported in the RW so if anyone knows of any more please let me know. 

Click on the following links to download photos and obituaries which appeared win the Ringing World and some reports of some of the survivors and an account by Pte Kilbourn on his experience at the front.

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war display 2.docx

fred kilborn.docx

Burton Latimer

Driver M E Pearl J Inskip


Private Charles Newell (gassed)

Private Ben Saddington (killed 1917)

Private E Saddington


Private George Holland (killed 1916)

Private Horace Sharman (killed 1915) 


Private John Deacon (killed 1917)

Private Fred Kilborn (gassed)


Private Robert Black

Private Bertrum Chapman (killed 1915)

Private Charles Cooper

Able Seaman Harold Edgar Walpole (killed 1918 believed to be the last bellringer killed in action) no CC link available


Corporal Frank Andrew (killed 1917)

Lieutenant E Maurice Atkins (wounded)

Private Joe Farby


Sapper George William Faulkner Fallodown (killed 1918) (no link for details available yet)

Private Albert V Inns

Private Phillip Inns (prisoner of war)

Private Alfred Knight  (awarded DCM killed 1917)

Private William Mace (badly wounded - right arm amputated)

Gunner David J Nichols

Sergeant Arthur Plant  (killed 1916)

Private Fred W Sawfoot

Private William Snart  (killed 1915)


Air Mechanic Richard Williamson (killed 1918)


Private Harry Peet

Albert York (RAF)

Private Ben York


Private William Lawrence