Queen's Official 90th Birthday Celebrations

An amazing turnout from the Branch with 85 ringers ringing at 16 different tower.  Thank you to everyone who took part.  

Towers which rang (no picture taken):

Great Oakley, Diana Talbot chimed after service.

Stoke Albany, for open garden event, Rosalind Willats, Helen Churchman, Trudy Winn, Sarah Stephenson, Chris Stephenson, Nick Churchman.

Pytchley, Pauline Middleton, Susan Walsh, Keelan Peak, Tanya Clayton, Jenny Ball (the band would like to associate this ringing with Margaret Pridmore who was unfortunately unable to take part due to the sad death of her husband earlier in the week)

Barton Seagrave

Derek Sibson, John Mitchell, Caroline Mitchell, Kieran Nunley, Kate Curnock, Philip Ellis, Geoff Curnock, Ian Nunley, Mark Lucas, Karen Sharman, Jane Sibson and Anne Cook. 


Jane Sibson,David Dainty, Kieran Nunley, Rhys Skellman, Darren Flunder and Anne Cook (Inset). 

East Carlton

Ringing before a "Mad Hatters Tea Party"

Sarah Stephenson, Chris Stephenson (hiding behind Sarah!) Helen Churchman, Simon Dixon, Steve Millington, Nick Churchman, Sandra Orgill


Ringing after a special service

Roger Emeny, Bill Adcock, Wendy Emeny, Mick Dainty, Maggie Dainty, Jane Marsh, Shane Ward, Maureen Easton, William Pierce, Simon Pierce, Evan Thomas.


Ringing before a special service.

Terry Smith, Peter Chilton, Kate Guilford, Nick Churchman, Murray Coleman, Helen Churchman, Liz Betts, Brian Austin, Chris Stephenson (hiding again!), Toby Bence, Sarah Bence, Mary Coleman.


Karen, Louise Sandy, Rob Sandy, Andrew Tilley, Matthew Loak, Barbara Gatenby, Sandra Lewis, Margaret Buchanan, Jackie


Ringing during open gardens.

Shane, Ward, Roger Emeny, Evan Thomas, Jane Marsh, William Pierce, Wendy Emeny, Simon Pierce, Maggie Dainty, Mick Dainty, Bill Adcock, Brian Yeomans.


Brian Yeomans, Evan Thomas, Maggie Dainty, William Pierce, Bill Adcock, Wendy Emeny, Deb Wallis, Jane Marsh, Mick Dainty, Roger Emeny, Simon Pierce.


Toby Bence, Terry Smith, Sarah Bence, Peter Chilton, Liz Betts, Murray Coleman, Mary Coleman


Ringing after a special family service and again before the village street party.

Bob Carlson, Ros Culbert, Lisa Newell, Jackie Matthews, Karran Tyler, Clare Bowles, Steve Castens (not pictured Sos Every, Mike Southwell, Helen Churchman)

Weston by Welland

Toby Bence, Mike Soutwell, Sarah Bence, Helen Churchman, Nick Churchman

Brampton Ash

Bill Adcock, Shane Ward, Roger Emeny, Simon Pierce, Wendy Emeny, Brian Yeomans, Jane Marsh, William Pierce, Mick Dainty, Maggie Dainty, Evan Thomas, Deb Wallis


Nick Churchman, Trudy Winn, Ann Dowling, Peter Chilton, Diane Atter, Ros Willats, Siobhan Lovell, Frank Wilkes, Sandra Orgill (not pictured Jeremy Burrell)